A Day in the Life of an Aspiring Teacher

First day not teaching

Posted on: November 23, 2010

So today was my first day in the classroom not teaching since the beginning of the semester.

It was weird.

They still asked me questions and had things to turn in to me, but it wasn’t the same. During 6th hour, my CT had to leave to take care of something so I taught for her, which wasn’t difficult. As I was introducing the assignment for the day (prompts to fill out while watching Freedom Writers) one of the students complained about reading stupid books. It pisses me off more than anything when students complain about assignments. I work hard to come up with interesting things to do in class and when they say negative things it hurts my feelings.

At least this time I could say it was my CT’s lesson.

One more day until Thanksgiving break. I definitely can’t wait.


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